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Comprehensive Prevention of Addictions Program

The approach of general addictions and the problematic consumption of drugs in particular represent a great challenge to the different social actors, especially those who have the responsibility to accompany the educational processes of the youth (state, school, family).

The consumption of drugs (legal and illegal) has grown in recent years not only in the quantity of people consuming, but also in the intensity of consumption and the horizontality and heterogeneity of the consuming sectors.

It is the responsibility of the whole society to give new answers to new challenges and assume the problem as something that is not outside, but within our institutions.


The method of action in prevention of addictions divides and assumes the principals of the community intervention.

Under this methodological perspective, the different social agents, after adequate training, are able to carry out preventative actions in different fields – school, family, labor, etc. – and therefore become preventive agents.

The training actions are complemented with the design of programs aimed at different population groups, with the support and accompaniment of a multidisciplinary technical team, in the development of different preventive actions.


To establish a participatory community space of reflection, training, and planning on education and addiction prevention:

  1. To recognize the knowledge and/or lack of knowledge on the subject and feelings that it generates in the teaching community.
  2. To prepare and develop significant theoretical knowledge on the problems of addictions that respond to the local and contextual reality.
  3. To recognize different frames of intervention as a basis for the drafting of a program proposal.
  4. Outline agreed lines of action.

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