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Training in Addressing Problems of Childhood and Adolescence.

Intended for men and women who work with problems of early infancy, childhood, and adolescence. For the second consecutive year with the help of the Management of Strengthening of Civil Society, we are carrying out the Diploma in addressing problems of early infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

We generated this training project through research work in which disciplines such as anthropology, developmental psychology, medicine, sociology, and education have demonstrated the fundamental importance of early childhood development with respect to the formation of intelligence, personality, and social behavior. In this sense, if young children do not receive the necessary training and care, the consequences are cumulative and prolonged.

Training in Addressing Problems of Childhood and Adolescence aims to be a space for reflection and training around socio-educational projects aimed atproblems of early infancy, childhood, and adolescence, trying toform professionals, educators, and technicians with the capacity to assume processes of childhood and adolescence from pedagogy, didactics, planning, and research, with a strong sense of social commitment and a clear scientific and humanistic vision that allows them to respond adequately to the needs for formation of the childhood and adolescence.

This formative proposal aims to produce knowledge as a response to the new challenges for early childhood education and to deepen the answers that already bring in its trajectory by the different professionals who are called to participate.

Course Objectives

  • To train people with a pedagogical and didactic foundation oriented to the implementation of educational processes with an integral sense, aimed at the wellbeing and development of human beings, that makes possible this being and doing in context.
  • To train people capable of generating and managing innovation processes in education to build and implement alternatives that confront the theory with life and reality, on the basis of respect and faith in the capacity of change of human beings, the recognition of individuality, and the rhythm and idiosyncrasy of each student.
  • To develop educational themes with a vision from the paradigm of complexity and popular education, based on the analysis, interpretation, and transformation of the events that frame the education and the social development for children and adolescents.


  • The Historical-Cultural Construction of Childhood.
  • Childhood, Culture, and Subjectivities.
  • Childhood Development and Learning.
  • Children’s Literature.
  • Musical Expression.
  • Physical and Stage Expression.
  • Plastic Expression.
  • Play in Early Childhood Education.
  • Educational Institutions for Early Childhood.
  • Early Childhood Education Curriculum.
  • General Psychology – Psychology of Learning – Psychology of Development – Neuropsychology Social Psychology.
  • Philosophy for Children.
  • Educational Management – School and Curriculum.
  • Policies and Educational Legislation.

Process and Form of Evaluation

  • Procedural and Permanent Evaluation.
  • Individual Indicators and Group Work according to Instructions.
  • Commitment and Approval of Final Work on the Developed Topics.

Start of the Activity: August 25, 2015
Limited Quotas

 Location where training will be held:  INSTITUTO MARIA AUXILIADORA

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