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The time of training provided by staff of the Ministry of Social Development in the City of San Pedro de Jujuy.

Asociación Civil GES is currently carrying out family and community strengthening projects in vulnerable neighborhoods in the towns of San Pedro de Jujuy and Corrientes. Once the survey and selection of the families were completed, staff from the Ministry of Social Development of the nation moved to San Pedro to carry out a training program on Social Protection and its outreach to more than 100 families selected. It took place April 5th, 2017 at the theatre of the locality Jujeña.

In the same act, Mr. Carlos Caballero, president of Asociación Civil G.E.S., directed a few words to those present. They proceded to sign the engagement agreements, which allows beneficiaries to enjoy the aid to which participation in the program entitles them. From that moment on, in addition, they began the weekly interviews of the tutors with the families to advise and accompany their daily realities. The families that we accompany are from the neighborhoods of 25 de Mayo, Nestor Kirchner, and Presidente Perón, in the outskirts of the city. In the same way, in the coming weeks, the ministry will be trained with the families selected in the neighborhoods of La Tosquera and Paraná in the city of Corrientes.

Mr. Carlos Caballero talking with the attending families.

Housing in the neighborhood of Tosquera in Corrientes.

In this way, one of the fundamental aspects of the Social Protection program is advanced, namely: the direct work with families, especially those that are in a situation of vulnerability, to develop a process of empowerment with them that will enable them to overcome the situations of exclusion and destitution. The second line of the same deals with community empowerment: it will be articulated with social and community organizations in these territories, establishing dialogue and management spaces that promote local development and social promotion.


The neighborhoods of Tosquera and Paraná, in Corrientes, are especially vulnerable because of their proximity to the river and the rains that easily flood the lands on which they are settled.

For more information on this project, you can contact Mr. Carlos Caballero at ccaballero@ges.org.ar