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Noticias y Campañas


We have already completed two years of management of the Home for children, APAPACHAR, a challenge that we took on in 2016. Like last year, the children of Apapachar traveled for a few days before starting the routine of 2018.

In Apapachar, we intend to provide a space of socio-affective restraint and comprehensive protection for vulnerable children, promoting and guaranteeing the full exercise of all their rights.

Always under the slogan of considering the fundamental rights of children and in this case the right to integral development and rest and play, in the month of February we organized a trip to the locality of Punta Indio with the 25 children living in the home.

Punta del Indio or Punta Indio is in the northeastern corner of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Arriving in this city, we went to the “Santa Rita” Estancia, where the children found a burst of nature: the coast of the river and its beaches, flora and fauna, hundred-year-old trees, such as ombúes, coronillos, plantains, and elms, and the typical birds and animas of the area.

For a week, the children enjoyed the playgrounds and field games (such as leapfrog) in Costero Sur park, the campfires when the sun fell, the pool, and the huge park of the Estancia.

The Santa Rita Estancia was founded by Carlos Casares (Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires 1875-1878), and was declared by UNESCO under the name “Parque Costero del Sur” (“Coastal Park of the South”) in 1984.

Our guidelines of work are the promotion of healthy growth and active citizenship of children, that are conducive to the development of their potential in stimulating and containerized areas of autonomy, confidence, and self-esteem which are essential components to generate a capacity to confidently act in the face of challenges that life poses in the future.