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“Someone is sitting in the shade today because some else planted a tree long ago”

Moment of celebration at the 2nd anniversary of Apapachar.

Two years have already passed since that April 1st when G.E.S. took responsibility for the home for children in the neighborhood of Mataderos, two years in which more than 30 children have gone through and been relinked with their families of origin or have gone through the adoption process. While we have the bitter taste of farewell, the immense happiness prevails that these expenses signify the most transcendental achievement of our daily work; they cease to be jeopardized and start a full family life.

We chose the name, APAPACHAR, which means to “caress the soul” to melt in the embrace that both bring and return so much love.

The children at Apapachar share toys, food, and laughs with G.E.S. staff, volunteers, and friends.

So, on Sunday, April 1st, we celebrated this second anniversary throughout the day by celebrating the children who share their lives in Apapachar along with those who in one way or another are involved in their care and growth.

More than 40 people among G.E.S. volunteers and collaborators were present at this party. There was no shortage of cakes, games, treats, hot dogs, and burgers that for them are the biggest prize in the day of games. And we did not miss the greatest thing that these children do: the laughter, the whims, and the hope on each child’s face, as beautiful as the picture we all want to see.

The celebrations broke the routine at Apapachar, but it is always a good time to celebrate.

We began to walk in this third year with more strength and more certainty so that we can continue to build together a better present and surpassing future for the boys and girls as subjects of rights, today and forever.

If you want to join us as a volunteer at the home Apapachar, or collaborate with us in another way, write us at: relacionesinstitucionales@ges.org.ar.





Part of the Irqichay team that delivered the toys to the home Apapachar.

Solidarity has always been one of the values that we promote and that all the people in our organization practice. In the framework of the second anniversary of the home, Apapachar, on Wednesday, March 28, games were delivered to the garden and courtyard. These toys were acquired through an internal collection by staff of the Early Childhood Center, Irqichay.

The right to play was first recognized on November 20, 1959, when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Years later, the Convention on the Rights of the Child expressed this right in article 31.

The carousel was one of the most liked games at the home.

The courtyard of the home Apapachar was thus transformed into an outdoor space that simulates a beautiful space to play with a carousel, seesaw, slides, hammocks, goal, and more. The collaborators not only made the donations, but spent a day playing with the children at the home.

Between games and smiles, a group of volunteers painted a mural in which two small astronauts looking for new horizons roam the planets in a ship that travels through an infinite space of colors.

The volunteers share a delicious snack with the children at Apapachar.

The mural represents the space, with the earth in the background (the common home of all of mankind) and two children for which there are no limits.

Thanks to: Patricia, Lorena, Melina, Camila Belen, Melani Adriana, Verónica Cecilia, Mariela, Leonardo, Micaela Yanett, Sebastián, Betzabé, Natalia Abigail, Julio, Sandra, Ezequiel, Celeste, Nahir Ayelén, Dahiana Mayerli, Rocío, and Silvina for the collaboration and sense of humanity each day at work!!!