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XI Meeting of Schools for Change

“Addictions and Prevention in the School Environment” Comodoro Rivadavia, August 22, 2015

The program, Escuelas para el Cambio (Schools for Change), seeks to build management tools for leadership teams and teachers; It is a part of the Program of Integral Support to the Education of Pan American Energy (PAN) that has been carried out continually for 11 years with the Ministry of Education of the Province of Chubut.

At the meeting held jointly with Fundación Compromiso, 100 teachers of initial, primary, and secondary leves and education students participated and addressed topics related to addictions, contributing to the strength of institutional management of schools understanding their ability to transform the communities in which they are inserted.

The meetings addressed the schools as an engine of change and therefore are committed to providing innovative tools that facilitate and expedite school planning and management, to think of a new pedagogical model with innovation, technology, and attraction for students.

From G.E.S., we worked on the planning and implementation of workshops and the elaboration of didactic material for the preventative approach of addictions at the initial, primary, and secondary levels.

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