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Noticias y Campañas


In the framework of the annual Training Day of Asociación Civil G.E.S.: Gestión Educativa y Social, on Saturday, April 7th, we held the first meeting where we addressed the theme, “Integral Development of the Child.”

The new additions of the different teams were able to meet the rest of people who are part of the organization.

We held the first of a ten meetings training series, to which all who joined the civil society participated, with the objective of strengthening the integral approaches that G.E.S. develops in activities in the spaces of the organization and promoting the integral training from G.E.S. as a topic of education.

With one of the technical teams formed by psychologists, psychopedagogues, and psychomotorists, the first theme was addressed for six hours: integral development. At G.E.S., we believe that attention to children should be prioritized as an approach that includes all areas of development linked to healthy child growth. This includes the emotional, perceptive, linguistic, physical, mental, and social areas.

During the meeting, two fundamental axes were addressed: psychosocial development and family and child development.

The training started with the proposal of psicomotorists, breaking the ice among participants and revitalizing the encounter with games. This motivated the reflection on the mechanisms that a child develops to confront the outside world, from contact, emotions, corporeal, social, and play.

Alex Salinas y Fernando Merlano, Psychologists at G.E.S. centers.

The first axis explored the main theories of evolutionary development is the general understanding of the structural, functional and significant behavioral changes that are manifested in children during their growth and development. We also reflect on adolescents and youth, who build their identity and personality and, like all human beings, also evolve.

The second axis focused on the importance of family influence and its context in the lives of children.

The training methodology is blended; it is carried out thorough both a monthly meeting on Saturdays and through a technological platform where participants can download the materials of studies and the practical work to be carried out throughout the year.

Before the end of the meeting, Carlos Caballero, president of Asociación Civil G.E.S., presented the new work uniforms, full of colors with the G.E.S. logo, in the year of its modification. The colors represent the diversity of the members of G.E.S. All of them are part of the same structure and each one of the projects plays an integral role. In this way, the values of the association (justice, peace, solidarity, cooperation, freedom, diversity, respect) permeated the society where the representatives and collaborators of G.E.S. were present.

Members of the G.E.S. centers.

The meeting was attended by the entire team of educators of the Early Childhood Centers (Gesitios, Casitas, and Irqichay) with their respective references, the educators of the home Apapachar, the tutors from the School Support Centers, people linked to other G.E.S. projects, technical teams, and volunteers interested in participating. This made up more than 60 people who are committed to infancy and early childhood.