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We are organizing the 4th Transdisciplinary Forum on Early Childhood and Human Development.

Keynote speaker Alfredo Jerusalinsky at the 1st Transdisciplinary Forum on Early Childhood and Human Development, held at the AMIA headquarters in 2015.

Since the 1st forum in 2015, we have constituted a space for the exchange of ideas where people from different political, religious, educational, and social beliefs reflect on the specific problems of childhood. We believe that the transdiscipline, the main methodology of the forum, has been fundamental to understand that all the topics addressed have transcended the disciplines themselves and reached beyond them.

Through the Human Development approach, we guarantee the necessary environment so that people and human groups can develop their potential and thus lead a creative and productive life according to their needs and interests. Human development and human rights are mutually reinforcing, helping to strengthen the well-being and dignity of all people, building respect for themselves and others.

The 2nd Transdisciplinary Forum on Early Childhood “Social Vulnerability and Human Development,” in 2016 at the Manuel Belgrano Auditorium, of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, we will emphasize “INFANCIAS y POBREZAS: la universalización del Derecho en Riesgo” (“CHILDHOOD and POVERTY: the universalization of the rights at risk”). It will take place on November 20 and already has the support of Fundación Navarro Viola and Asociación Civil EDUCCO.

Certain tension generates this concept where we can cross the systems of protection of rights that they see as subjects of rights to a chosen few, with the rights of the children if they find their greater weakness in the most vulnerable populations.



The 3rd Transdisciplinary Forum on Early Childhood “New Childhoods: New and Diverse Approaches,” last year at the Magna room at the School of Engineering, Universidad del Salvador.

Childhood is one of the most coherent social groups in terms of needs and desires. Childhood does not differentiate sex, religion, race, etc. In this instance, as in all, rights should pass the merely legal fact and become the right way to ensure integral development in the evolution and growth of the child. This framework is the system of comprehensive protection of the rights of children and adolescents, which through the Convention of the Rights of the Child its member countries must ensure laws and regulations that protect children for their status and for being subjects of rights.

Organizations, companies, and individuals interested in participating in this event should contact Ricardo Zanfardini at the following address: rzanfardini@ges.org.ar